Taster Day 2019

Sixth Form Taster Day – Tuesday 26th November 2019


When: our Sixth Form Taster Day begins at 8:15am on the 26th November and will end at 3pm.


What to wear: please see the Sixth Form Uniform Policy here: https://www.st-josephs.slough.sch.uk/?page_id=2650. There is no need to buy a new blazer especially for this day.


The layout of the day: students will follow a bespoke timetable based on the subject choices made in their taster day application forms (see attached below or you may pick up a copy from the main school office). The application forms must be handed back by Thursday 21st November. You may not get all of your choices and this is why we’ve asked you to make more choices than periods in the day to accommodate at least some of your choices.


Subjects being run will be subject to which staff are available on that day


What to expect: students will have use of the sixth form facilities and study space, an experience of what it is to study at a sixth form level and an opportunity to gather as much information on where each course can lead you in terms of employment, training or education.


Details: students will receive a timetable during registration after all of the Taster Day application forms are handed in – this information will be up outside the Sixth Form study room on the day before, and the morning of, the taster day. Students will attend a registration session with a Sixth Form tutor, attend four subject lessons and a PSHE lesson based on the existing Sixth Form curriculum.


How best to use the day: it is important that students use this day to gain as much information as they can about applying to and studying within our Sixth Form and there will be a Sixth Form guidance session built into the PSHE lesson.


What if I don’t go to St Joseph’s? We would be delighted to host any prospective students, all you need to do is fill out the external student form below and drop a paper copy to our main school reception or email to Mr Clark (g.clark@st-josephs.slough.sch.uk). However, you must ensure that attendance is authorised by your school and you have a letter from them to confirm this.


Sixth Form Taster Day application form – Internal student

Sixth Form Taster Day Application Form Internal
Sixth Form Taster Day Application Form Internal
403.1 KiB


Sixth Form Taster Day application form – External student

Sixth Form Taster Day Application Form External
Sixth Form Taster Day Application Form External
405.1 KiB


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