Safeguarding Help & Support


Please click here to submit a safeguarding concern.


Childline is probably your first port of call if you need some independent help and support with any aspect of your life

Get Connected is also a great starting point that aims to find you the help you need from a range of different agencies, and you can contact by phone, SMS or email. The site also has a way of hiding your visit so that nobody else needs to know you viewed if you are using a shared computer or device.

Think U Know

The best site out there for sensible and practical advice on keeping your child safe online, plus what to do if something goes wrong.

NSPCC – Staying Safe Online

This is another great website for no-nonsense help with ensuring that your child stays safe online – it also explains very clearly the kind of things they may be doing online!

The Parent Zone

Information on online safety, securing the best education for your child, when and where they are allowed to work, and lots more.

Family Lives

Click on the link below to access Family Lives – an organisation providing help and support to parents. This website includes excellent parent guides to Facebook and Twitter, plus an immediate webchat service.

Staying Safe Online

Get Safe Online

A great starting point for online safety covering issues as diverse as online banking, computer viruses and social media! Start here and then progress to some of the more detailed websites below for specific issues with which you might need help.

Social Networking

The two best sites for seeking help on social networking when (or before) things go wrong are:

Making a CEOP Report

Report issues of online abuse or if you are concerned about the way in which someone has been communicating with you online, click on the button below to make a report to CEOP – the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

This might be someone:

  • Making you have sex when you don’t want to
  • Chatting online about sex
  • Asking you to do sexual things on webcam
  • Asking you to meet up if you’ve only met them online
  • Asking for sexual pictures of you
  • Making you feel unsafe
  • They will walk you the process of reporting and you can change your mind and stop at any stage.

Reporting Terrorist Activity

If you come across any terrorist related content or violent extremist content online or offline that worries you, click the STOP button below. Communities working together defeat terrorism, and the police need your help to pass on anything you know or discover.