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Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality is highly important to a full sixth form experience. When students are in school, they are accessing the curriculum to its fullest and enjoying the social, spiritual, cultural and moral benefits of the provision we offer. 

For this reason, St Joseph's has very high expectations around attendance and punctuality. You will find out rules and regulations for the sixth form only, below:

Attendance - we expect all students in all lessons. Students will always need to attend assembly on a Monday morning. We require that students attend form time on the days that they have a period 1 lesson. On the days where students do not have a period 1 lesson, they may come in for their first lesson of the day.

Punctuality - it is important that students are punctual. Not only is it a profession attribute for life, it means that no eduational opportunity is lost. Whilst school begins at 8.30, we ask that students aim to be in school ahead of this in order to be prepared for the day. Students must arrive early for lessons so that they may be prepared.

PSHE - we expect that all sixth form students attend their PSHE lessons. The dates and times are in the school newsletter and have been sent to the students on the Sixth Form Teams Group. Please see the list of dates and times below:

  1. Thursday 9th of September P1
  2. Monday 13th of September P3
  3. Monday 20th of September P5
  4. Tuesday 28th of September P1
  5. Tuesday 5th of October P3
  6. Tuesday 12th of October P5
  7. Wednesday November 3rd P1 
  8. Wednesday November 10th P3 
  9. Friday November 19th P5
  10. Thursday November 25th P1
  11. Thursday December 2nd P3
  12. Friday December 10th P5
  13. Tuesday December 14th P1
  14. Tuesday January 4th P3
  15. Tuesday January 11th P5
  16. Wednesday January 19th P1
  17. Wednesday January 26th P3
  18. Thursday February 3rd P5
  19. Thursday February 10th P1
  20. Thursday February 17th P3
  21. Thursday March 3rd P5
  22. Friday March 11th P1
  23. Friday March 18th P3
  24. Friday March 25th P5
  25. Misses week commencing 28th of March (PPE)
  26. Monday April 4th P5
  27. Monday April 25th P3
  28. Friday May 6th P5
  29. Monday May 9th P1
  30. Tuesday May 17th P1
  31. Tuesday May 24th P3
  32. Tuesday 7th of June P5
  33. Wednesday 15th of June P1
  34. Wednesday 22nd of June P3
  35. Wednesday 29th of June p5 (PPE for Year 12)
  36. Friday 8th of July P1
  37. Monday 11th of July P3