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Transition Resources


The St Joseph’s Sixth Form Team have collated a plethora of transition resources to help students prepare themselves for the transition from Year 11 to Year 12 and also from Year 12 to Year 13. These can be accessed using the following links:

PiXL Independence – subject specific booklets with activities for revision, retention and extension of learning starting with small multiple choice questions and leading up to large essay style questions. The format ensures that each stage supports the next and so learning is intuitive. The PDF format has links with accompanying videos and web pages pertinent to the topics.
PiXL Knowledge – subject and topic specific work mats with questions in sub-topic groups. Complete the first mat (know it) and move onto grasp it and then think it to complete more challenging work on the route to mastery of the topic.
PiXL Progression – a collection of reading, vocabulary lists and links to prepare students for the next stage of the course to be completed during holiday time or as an extension to the course.