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Boys and Girls Uniform

  • Blazer – Black with School Badge
  • Shirt – White Long or Short Sleeved (only plain white clothing underneath)
  • Tie – School Regulation
  • Jumper – (Optional) Black V Neck – NOT Cardigan


  • Trousers – Grey/Black
  • Socks – Dark Grey/Black
  • Shoes – Hard sensible Black (no trainers/boots)


  • Skirt – Thomson Tartan no shorter than knee length
  • Socks – Black ankle length NOT knee length
  • Shoes – Hard sensible Black (no canvas plimsoles, trainers, boots)


Boys and Girls P.E Kit

Girls – Compulsory

  • Fleece
  • Girls’ Polo Shirt
  • Skort
  • Socks

Girls – Optional

  • Shorts

Boys – Compulsory

  • Fleece
  • Boys’ Polo Shirt
  • Rugby Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Socks



  • No make-up should be worn. Girls may wear one small plain (gold/silver) stud earring (no stones) in the lower lobe of each ear.
  • Boys may wear one small plain (gold/silver) stud earring (no stones) in one ear only.
  • No other piercings such as tongue studs, navel, lip or eye-brow piercings are allowed.
  • No bracelets to be worn and necklaces should not be visible.
  • One plain ring may be worn.
  • Boys hairstyles must be short, neat and tidy – no extremes (tram lines or patterns); shaved eyebrows are not permitted.
  • No extreme colours in the hair.
  • No tattoos.
  • No clothing (other than regulation school uniform is to be worn) with slogans, badges or other insignia on them.
  • A dark plain coat for school (black, dark grey or dark navy) with only plain scarves (again black, grey or navy)