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Form Time Curriculum

Our Form Time curriculum is carefully put together in order to provide students with high quality pastoral care, an opportunity for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural reflection as well as 1:1 support with Post-16 Information and Guidance. 

Here is our Form Time Timetable:


Super Curricular Reading - each sixth form student must bring in some reading material that either stretches their academic learning, peritinant to their courses or academic goals or they can read a challenging, age-appropriate novel to support their literacy and a love of reading. 

Current Affairs - each week students will deep dive into a broadsheet article. They will pre-read it in order to indepdently understand the vocabulary of the task. They will read it as a group and then discuss the key elements of the article.

The Great Conversation - each week students learn about a key part of World History, Philosophy, Economics, Society and Politics. Students will then hold a debate about what they have learnt. The Great Conversation curriculum is available here:

The Great Conversation 

Careers Information and Guidance - each week students have access to information and guidance to support their future goals. We have created a bespoke World of Work booklet for students and we use Start Profile as well as the UCAS Hub to help guide students.

 World of Work Booklet 2020-21

Literacy - students will engage with the Word of the Week and Idiom of the Week as well as a deep dive into the Times article on a Wednesday. Students will also have the full copy of the Times sent to them daily for independent reading and as a supplement to the Pastoral Curriculum.