About Us

A-Level Study Programme

The aim of our study programme is to unlock the belief in our students to realise their potential by equipping our students for the journey ahead into their adult life. Our carefully designed programme brings together:

  • A knowledge rich curriculum,
  • High quality & impartial careers guidance,
  • Experiences that enrich and empower our students to be lifelong learners,
  • Impartial and up to date careers and higher education advice.

We believe that our programme is tailored to give our students the best opportunities to attend the best universities as well as a competitive edge the local and national job market and serve them well in the next stage of education, training and employment. This is underpinned by ensuring that students are ambitious, have aspirational goals and are equipped to unlock their potential.


What options exist in our study programme?

A-Level and BTEC Subsidiary diplomas are Level 3 qualifications that take you beyond the Level 2 qualifications studied at GCSE. With over 20 courses on offer, the Sixth Form provides a great deal of choice for students to construct a programme of study that suits your needs.


Course Selection

Students will be offered guidance by staff on what subjects to take, depending on personal/career goals. Some degree pathways (e.g. medicine) has an A-Level requirement (see page x for further guidance).You will select three A-Level subjects at the start of Year 12 along with the Extended Project. Qualifying students may also opt for Core Maths, the Extended Industry Placement and a fourth A-Level.




Under the new A-Level your final grade will be based on examinations taken at the end of a two year course.



The BTEC Subsidiary Diploma is equivalent to one A-Level. It is a vocational qualification encompassing a more practical approach to your studies. Two years of study must be completed to obtain accreditation. BTECs are equivalent to A Levels when it comes to UCAS points.


Extended Project Qualification

Recommended by leading employers and universities we are privileged to offer The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to all of our sixth form students. It is an 18 month (Level 3) study programme that provides an opportunity for you to pursue your own academic interests in a chosen topic. You will undertake independent research, gaining additional (up to) 24 UCAS points for your university applications and developing a range of independent research skills.


Core Maths

Core Maths is equivalent to an AS-Level and is a one year qualification that explores the application of Mathematical skills to a variety of contexts. It weaves together topics at GCSE level to other areas within A-Level study such as Psychology and Economics.


Extended Industry Placements

65% of employers state that work experience is either critical of significant in making a decision to take on a new recruit. Such is the importance of work experience, St Joseph’s have teamed up with local company Learning to Work to offer extended 18 week industry placements with local businesses that are personalised to the career goals of the student. The student will develop key skills, qualities and will gain experience that will ensure their competiveness in the modern local and national job market. This will be part of the student’s study programme and one day a week will be dedicated to the placement. Students will complete a log to reflect on the experience to ensure a strong academic link.


#DREAMBig – the wider curriculum

#DREAMBIg is the St Joseph’s sixth form wider curriculum and is so called because it perfectly encapsulates everything that we are about. School is about so much more than grades and the subjects that you learn. It is about equipping you for the journey ahead. Our vision is to provide a well-rounded education that is balanced between academic excellence, mastery of skills and cultural capital. Our wider curriculum includes a complete package of enrichment, events and visits that we encourage students to take part in outside of lessons, as well as a relevant and personalised PHSE curriculum that will prepare students for life in modern Britain.

#DREAMBig is encapsulated under eight key headings:

The Super Curriculum, PSHE, EPQ, Student Leadership, The World of Work, Social Societies, Oracy and Volunteering & the Community. Our objective is to ensure our students leave us as Dedicated, Reflective, Engaged, Articulate and Mindful young adults with the best possible options for the journey ahead.