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Exam Results 2023

GCSE Results

Staff and students at St Joseph’s Catholic High School, part of the St Thomas Catholic Academies Trust, were celebrating amazing GCSE results that put the cherry on the top of an incredible year for the school.

In 12 months where Ofsted graded every aspect of the school as ‘Good’” and students last week doubled the number of A*-A-Level grades received, the class of 2023 GCSE students have also impressed with a set of very impressive results.

In fact, across every measure, students are celebrating stronger results than in 2019, which are the last comparable set of GCSE results.

Mr Stapleton, Headteacher, said: “We're absolutely thrilled with this year's GCSE results. They are testament to the hard work of our students and the dedication of our teachers - and are very much the icing on the cake of a fantastic year overall".

“It is amazing to see a non-selective school like ours ensuring that even after the toughest of times during Covid, students were motivated to aim high and get the even better results than previous years.

Among the smiling faces celebrating today were:

  • Martyna Krzesaj- Six 9s, three 8s and one 7
  • Bara Allababidi - Six 9s, four 8s, two 7s and two 6s
  • Grzegorz Kuczynski - Five 9s, one 8, three 7s
  • Charlene Daguplo - One 9 four 8s, three 7s and one 6
  • Ellie Kamusaul - One 9, five 8s and one 6
  • Liam Paes - One 9, four 8s and four 7s
  • Joy Nwachukwu - One 9, five 8s, one 7 and three 6s
  • Mariska Sicad - One 9, two 8s and five 7s
  • Mateusz Skowera - Two 9s, seven 7s and one 6
  • Natalia Bednarczyk - One 9, one 8 three 7s and five 6s

Mr Stapleton added: “Seeing our students celebrating this morning was an incredible experience for all of us and it’s hard to say whose smiles are bigger – students or staff!”

We are excited to be welcoming a huge number of students back to St Josephs Sixth and wish those taking a different path every success with their journey. These achievements pave the way for promising futures, and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments.”

A-Level Results

A-mazing day at St Joseph’s Sixth Form College

Dedicated students at St Joseph’s Sixth Form College, part of St Thomas Catholic Academies Trust, are celebrating today after DOUBLING the number of A*-A-Level grades received compared to the last comparable set of external examination results in 2019.

The percentage of students taking home A*-B grades also significantly increased, moving from 28% to 35% and A*-C increased from 57% to 62%.

Ciran Stapleton, Headteacher, said: “The atmosphere here today is absolutely incredible - staff and students can’t stop smiling! To see such amazing results is fantastic, and we couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of our young people.

“We must not forget that, due to the pandemic, this is the first time this cohort has undertaken any formal examinations. The pressure that these students faced was significant which only adds to their impressive achievements.

Among the smiling faces today are:

Iyannu Sanni A*AB, Aloysius Fernades AABC plus an A* for EPQ, Adrian Fernades ABBC plus an A for EPQ, Olivia Quinn AAB (LSE), Michael Addison BBB (Loughborough University), David Fulara AABC, Zion Dass ABB UWE), Georgina Koroma AAB (Birmingham), Belatriz Lamelo De Souza BBB and  Distinction at BTEC (Leeds), Nikodem Kaczmarczyk Distinction*, Distinction, Distinction (Bucks New University), Alleah Dagdagan Distinction* BB (UWL) , Natan Slimakowski ABCC (Bournemouth), Joe Stabler ABC (work)

One student in particular is celebrating - Olivia Quinn’s grades means they have secured a place at the prestigious London School of Economics.

Other students at St Joseph’s are using their exam success as a springboard into the world of work.

Mr Stapleton added: “These outstanding results are a testament to the resilience and determination to unlock success shown by our students. We wish everyone the best of luck with the next stage in their lives – it’s clear there’s a bright future ahead for them”

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