After the 6th Form

A Level and BTEC Results Day

Results will be available to collect from 9am on Thursday the 17th of August 2023.

Please see the following support and guidance.

A Guide to A-level results day 2023

Make sure you feel totally prepared for A-level results day with our guide to what you can expect, from when the results are released to what it all means for your university offers.

Check your status on Ucas Hub

  • Ucas Hub will update from 8am on the morning of A-level results day. When you log in, you'll be able to find out whether your firm choice has already confirmed your place.
  • Bear in mind that thousands of other people are going to be trying to do exactly the same thing, so try not to stress if the website crashes – this is normal unfortunately.
  • While Hub will tell you whether your chosen uni has accepted you, it won't show your grades.
  • All the details of what you need to do and when will either be sent to you through Ucas Hub or directly from your university or college (via email).

You might find your Ucas Hub hasn't updated in time for results day morning, so don't be too concerned if your status hasn't changed. It should update later in the day, but if it still hasn't by Friday morning, phone the university to find out what the issue is.

Have some breakfast

Don't skip this. You're either going to be celebrating today or making some important decisions on what you need to do next. Either way you don't want to be getting all wobbly because you're trying to do get through the day on an empty stomach. Results day is an emotional time, so make sure you're fully fuelled up!

Get ready

A few things to consider taking with you:

  • Mobile phone (fully charged)
  • Pen and paper
  • Ucas/uni email with the exact wording of conditional offers for both your firm and insurance (eg was it ABB or AAB?)
  • Contact details for your firm and insurance universities – telephone and email addresses for the main admissions office
  • Your UCAS ID and any log in details

Then all of a sudden the waiting will be over. You'll open your results and know exactly where you stand.

When You Get Your Results

If you make your firm offer

Congratulations! You can start getting prepared for university with the Student Room Fresher’s week guide:

If you've made your offers but you've changed your mind about them and you want to decline, you can self-release into Clearing by using the 'decline my place' button. This button will be available until 7 September 2023.

You won't be able to undo this, though, so make certain that you're sure you want to go into Clearing.

If you miss your firm offer

Don't give up completely as there's still a chance they might accept you:

  • Check Ucas Hub. If Hub says your place is confirmed then you're fine. Relax, celebrate and leave the phone lines clear – you don't need to phone your university 'just to check'.
  • If Hub shows that you've been unsuccessful, it's time to rethink your options for September. Although it can feel tempting to call your firm choice university and ask them to rethink offering you place, there's not much point - their decision will be final.

If you miss your firm offer, and the university will not accept you

You have several options, which your school/college will be able to talk you through with specific regard to your circumstances. These include:

  • Accepting your insurance place
  • Applying to different universities through Clearing
  • Reapplying for next year.

If you miss your firm offer, but meet your insurance offer

  • If this shows as unconditional, you don't need to do anything further now. Again, this may take a while to update on Hub. If this is still showing as conditional by lunchtime on results day, you should phone the university to find out what the holdup is. Remember to stay calm and be polite – this is quite normal.
  • If you are now going to your insurance choice, you will need to change your student loan details using your online student finance account, but this can wait a few days.
  • Wait for your confirmation letter to arrive and think about sorting out accommodation at your new university.
  • If you wish to decline your offer, you can still go into Clearing.

How Clearing and Late Application Works:

Clearing - If you have already applied to UCAS:

Students complete the Clearing process online via their existing UCAS Track account:

The student Track account will state that they are in clearing.

  • Students can then search for courses using the search tool to find courses – it's the only official vacancy list, so it’s the most up-to-date.
  • If students can't find the course they’re looking for, they should consider different subjects (our advice at this stage is to choose subjects that fit their strengths or interests – they may wish to take some time to do some research).
    • Keep checking – universities update their course information regularly. You might not find the exact unis/colleges/courses you were looking for – some might be full, but some might get vacancies later on
    • Check the course details – how is it structured each year? What modules make up each year? What are the entry requirements?

If students wish to Decline their first choice and go through clearing

They can follow on screen prompts to decline their place.

  • Their Clearing Number will appear on the Welcome page of Track.
  • If this does not occur, it could be that UCAS is waiting for student results to update possibly because a university is still making a decision.
  • A student cannot swap their firm and insurance choices (if successful to both). Students would have to decline your firm and go through clearing.
  • Clearing Plus – this is a feature that matches you to courses based on what UCAS knows about you. If you see one you like, best to be proactive in trying to add it in Track instead of waiting for the university to contact you.

If you have Not Yet Applied to UCAS (Late Application) - students need to create an account and application. In this case, students will only be able to make a choice of course after they have made and sent an online application. Students will receive a welcome email with details of how to access Track (the online portal they use for their application once it is made to track decisions) and their clearing number.

If you are given an Alternative Offer from the same university - if a student misses out on a university they have their heart set on attending, they can phone the university and ask if they would offer a place on a similar/alternative course.

Alternative courses may already appear in the Ucas Hub as “unconditional course change” - if this is the case, the student usually has five days to research the newly offered course before accepting. 

If a student wishes to Defer the year - if a student has decided they do not want to go to university in 2022, they can phone their chosen university and ask to defer.  Many universities will allow this, although it may depend on how competitive the course is.

If students do better than expected and wish to Adjust their choice:

  • Adjustment is an optional service for applicants who meet and exceed the conditions of their firm choice. It gives them an opportunity to reconsider where and what to study, without losing their secured place.
  • Adjustment runs from 10th of August until 17th of August 2023.
  • During this time, applicants can register for Adjustment in Track.
  • They then have five days to secure an alternative place. If they don’t, they remain accepted at their original confirmed place.

If a student has completely Changed their Mind - Reapplying to UCAS 2024

  • For students who have completely changed their minds, or whose circumstances have changed, they can withdraw from the UCAS 2023 process and reapply with their results for next year.

Careers Information and Guidance

Whilst you will find a host of Careers IAG on our website (here), please see the following:

National Careers Service are doing a live careers Q & A on Instagram at 6pm on Wednesday 17th of October via their handle @national_careers_service and their hotline number is 0800 100 900.

National Careers Service – explore your Post-18 options here:

How to Manage the Stress of Results Day

Clearing – UCAS have provided a lot of information on their website but also some podcasts that discuss some of the queries that you might have, you can access them here:

E4 will be set up for students to use the Clearing service via UCAS Track and staff will be on hand to advise.

Transition and Anxiety - The Anna Freud Centre is offering a free webinar to all students who will be transitioning from sixth form or college to university this autumn, they are free and can be found here:

Navigating Exam Season – please see the PDF below with tips for students in coping with stress.

Navigating Exam Season

Freshers Week Survival Guide