Joining Us

Taster Day 2021

Please see our explanatory video of the taster day by clicking here

Layout of the Day:

Students will arrive at school at 8:15am at the latest, ready for a prompt 8:30am start. Students will be able to go to the Sixth Form Study Room before registration. They can have breakfast in the canteen as normal. 

Students will then have taster lessons during period 1, 2, 3 & 4. They will have lunch after period 4 and will have an assembly during period 5. This assembly will provide reflection on the day, further information and guidance for Post-16 pathways and provide them with guidance on the next steps to applying to sixth form.


Students may follow the sixth form uniform policy on this day. You can find this by clicking here.


Students will receive their timetables on the morning of the 2nd of December 2021. This will provide students with time to check any mistakes and answer any questions. Students have given a preference of five subjects. In most cases, we have managed to accomodate this. However, in some instances, the combination of subjects was not possible and so we have given students a subject they have not studied previously e.g. Media Studies. 

Students may not leave the school site for any reason during the school day.