Our School


All Year groups will participate in a retreat programme during the academic year.  Retreats provide all students with an opportunity to pause and reflect as well as developing friendships with their peers.  Each retreat has a different theme and is organised by the Chaplain who works closely with the Diocese and other institutions such as Worth Abbey for students to participate in.

These are a few comments from pupils who have been on retreat this year:

"I had lots of fun. It gave me time to reflect on each other’s faith and relationships. It gave me time to know my form better, to know everyone and everything better – a whole lot better".

"I wanted to get to know 4 girls, but I was too scared. This really helpful since I now talked to them. We had so much fun, and I loved it".

"It was fun and taught me more about the Catholic faith".

"I had fun day … because we got to speak our minds and we got to play with classmates".

"My day was amazing. I had so much fun and I would definitely recommend this to other people … overall 10/10!"