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The Super Curriculum & Widening Participation

The Super Curriculum

The Super-Curriculum encapsulates all those activities that foster academic endeavour beyond the measurable outcomes of examination results. It includes (but is not limited to) wide and habitual reading, extended project work, debate, public speaking, research, competitions, lectures, study trips and is brought together by subject teacher and sixth form team guidance as well as the work that underpins the Social Societies – students will find subject specific guidance for this in form room reading lists, the sixth form reading list in the student area, via our range of PiXL resources (link to PiXL6 resources page here please) and by joining a Social Society of the faculty of their choice.

The St Joseph's Super Curricular Reading List

The Super Curricular PLC

The following presentation is a guide to getting the most out of the Super Curriculum

Welcome to the Super Curriculum

We also provide the following opportunities, in which our students reguarly take part.

Extra and Super Curricular Activites // Applying to Cambridge or Oxford

The following is a video by Ray Amjad, a second-year student studying Physics at St John's College, University of Cambridge. Ray has become an influencer, helping young people to improve their chances of applying to the top universities. He has a plethora of advice and guidance for anyone apply to Higher Education, as well as study tips, on his channel.  


Super Curricular Opportunities
  • The Debate Club - Run by the Philosophy & Ethics department.
  • Invitation to the Eton Social Socities (check email for updates).
  • PiXL Conferences ("Getting in to a Top University" and "Why Should We Make You an Offer?" by Peter Rawling).
  • The Eton Oxbridge preparation day at Eton College.
  • Inteview Prepration by Joe Organ of Brasenose College @ St Joseph's.
  • Critical Thinking - Run by the Head of Sixth Form every Thursday morning at 8am in A5.
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) click here.
  • The Catenians Society - Interview Preparation and Oracy workshop.
  • Meet the Russel Group (February 2021)
  • Access to the Sora App - a library of fiction, non-fiction and subject specific books (click here)
  • The British Film Institute talk (Autumn 2021).
Widening Participation opportunities
  • The Sutton Trust Pathways Programme (see below)
  • The Sutton Trust UK Summer Schools Programme (see below)
  • The Sutton Trust US Summer Schools Programme (see below)
  • The Social Mobility Foundation's Aspiring Professionals Programme (see below).
  • UNIQ
  • The Oxford Mentoring Scheme

There are also a host of trips run by departments, such as the Bodywords trip run by Science.

Below is the Super Curricular Reading List, which is a compedium of things to read, watch and listen in order to foster a love of learning as well as a depth and breadth of understanding on the journey to obtaining subject mastery.


Widening Pariticpation

Traditionally, the term “widening participation” refers to raising the aspirations and attainment of people from backgrounds that are under-represented at university. The government are working with universities to ensure that there are opportunities and programmes to promote wider participation from underrepresented groups. Most universities have guidance on their individual programmes via their websites and we advise all students to look into what potential university choices could offer.

At St Joseph’s we believe it is hugely important to raise the aspirations and ambitions of all of our students. Whilst we promote a range opportunities to enhance student opportunity through the #DREAMBig programme, on this page you will find opportunities for enhanced support with attending university.


Programme Details

The Social Mobility Foundation – The Aspiring Professionals Programme - the Social Mobility Foundation Aspiring Professionals Programme offers potential students support with professional mentoring (either as a 5 day week long residential or online support).

The programme includes:

1. Mentoring by a professional via email
2. Tailored skills sessions and career workshops
3. University application support and guidance
4. Internships with top employers

The following video explains a bit more about the programme: https://vimeo.com/112278822

The application deadline is Wednesday 18th December 2019. The next application process will start the following September 2020 and therefore students who missed the deadline in Year 12 (and 11) and apply for the next intake. 

The Sutton Trust Professional Pathways - In partnership with universities and employers, the Sutton Trust run engaging professional programmes that give students practical advice and leave them feeling inspired and more confident about their future. For more information regarding the Professional Pathways, follow this link: https://www.suttontrust.com/our-programmes/ 

The Sutton Trust UK Summer School - the applications for the Sutton Trust Summer School programme is about to open on the 8th of January. The programme gives you a chance to:

1. Experience university life – a week long residential
2. Explore one of 40 subjects at 13 leading institutions
3. Meet new people
4. Develop essential life skills
5. Receive applications support
6. Join the alumni platform

All details are provided on the PDF below:

Sutton Trust University Summer School

All costs for the week, including the cost of travel, accommodation and food is covered by the Sutton Trust and our partner universities.

This video explains the programme in a bit more detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMWnw9m4uwA&feature=youtu.be

In short, you have the opportunity to study your chosen subject, for a week at a top university which will help you inform your decision. There is space on the UCAS form for you to specify if you have attended a Sutton Trust UK Summer School or any other university programme. Some universities will give preference or reduced offers to students who have attended summer schools however this is not the case for all universities. We also stress that this should not be a determining factor for you to attend a Sutton Trust Summer School. Your motivations for attending should be aligned with the aims and objectives of the programme.

The Sutton Trust Apprenticeships Summer School

All details are provided on the PDF below:

Sutton Trust Apprenticeship Summer School

Meet the Russell Group - is an event designed to support Year 13, 12 and 11 students with their applications. It is completely free of charge. The event will allow Year 13 students to explore and compare universities they may have received offers from in order to decide upon their Firm and Insurance choices. Meet the Russell Group will also support Year 12s as they start to make initial decisions about where they would like to study in 2022, and the courses they may be interested in. It is on the 10th of February. To regisration and to find out more information, click here: https://russellgroup.vfairs.com/