School Day

 Timetable 22-23 as follows: (typical week is 32.5 hours) 
08:25am Registration/Assembly (including Reading Time)
08:45am Period 1
09:45am Period 2
10:45am Break
11:05am Period 3
12:05pm Period 4
13:05pm Lunch 1 (Years 8,9,10); Reading Programme (Years 7,11, VI Form)
13:40pm Lunch 2 (Years 7,11, VI Form); Reading Programme (Years 8,9,10)
14:15 Period 5
15:15pm Period 6 (KS4 and KS5) on Monday-Wednesday
Breakfast Club is available 730am - 815am (which is complimentary to all students) 
After School Clubs run from 315pm - 415pm