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Exam Results 2018

Students at St Joseph’s have once more achieved outstanding GCSE results. St Joseph’s is a genuinely comprehensive school that values and nurtures the potential of all learners irrespective of academic starting point. Having shifted from the 78 percentile for student progress in 2013 to the top 9% last year; what is most pleasing about this year’s results is that progress for students at all levels, continues to amaze with progress rates sustaining the school’s position in the top 11% nationally.

Link to DFE Performance tables 2018


 GCSE Results 2018

  • Progress 8 Score 0.56
  • Attainment 8 is 49.76
  • % of pupils getting strong pass in Maths and English is 47%
  • % of pupils entered for Ebacc is 69%
  • Ebacc APS (new measure) is 4.54
  • 84% Grade 4 or above in English
  • 75% Grade 4 or above in Maths
  • 69% Grade 4 or above in Both English and Maths
  • 66% Grade 5 or above in English
  • 54% Grade 5 or above in Maths
  • 18% of all grades 7+

Year 11 students as of 1st November 2018:

Apprenticeships – 2.3%
School Sixth Form – 71%
College – 26%

99.3% of students were placed in further education or training.

Individual pupil success

  • Chelsea Baladad 4 Grade 9’s and 7 Grade 8’s
  • Airon Leavy 6 Grade 9’s, 3 Grade 8’s and grade 7
  • Amrita Judge 3 Grade 9’s 4 Grade 8’s 3 Grade 7’s
  • Zuzanna Lorek 3 Grade 9’s 2 Grade 8’s 6 Grade 7’s


A Level Results

Student’s desire to succeed coupled with the high expectations of staff and parents has once again provided exceptional examination results for students receiving their A’ Level grades at St Joseph’s today. Louise Baker Head of School said of the results; ‘Once again we are thrilled to see our A ‘level results increasing, with 5% more A* – B grades being achieved. We are so proud of our student’s success and the hard work they and the staff have put into these incredibly tough qualifications’

This cohort have made rapid progress since their GCSE results, with an average GCSE grade of a C they have surpassed targets and projections at A’ level. As a school we are so very proud of these fantastic results.

  • 22% Grade A/A*
  • 41% Grade A* – B
  • 65% A* – B

 Individual pupil success

  • Simran Ghotra – Sociology A*, History A*, Law B
  • Angela Umbao – Psychology A, Maths A, History A
  • Coll Ovenseri – Games Dev Dist*, Media A, Computer Science A
  • Dale Bernado – Maths A, Computer Science A, Games Dev Dist*
  • Damian Walczak – Physics A, Maths A, Psychology B
  • Sasha Selby – Psychology B, Sociology A, Religious Studies B
  • Ina Tuazon – Psychology A, Sociology A*, English Lang B
  • Rhys Williams – Psychology A, Sociology A, Law B