After the 6th Form

Applying to University

The Parents Guide to

The Parents Guide to - whilst we have a plethora of information below, you will also find this website highly useful: 

Our UCAS guidance is designed to give you the best preparation for the UCAS application process and applying to the best universities, ensuring that all our students have all the information required to make the best submission possible.

Our tutors, subject staff, subject and pastoral leaders come together with external specialists to offer mentoring, supervision, workshops and lectures to ensure students get into the very best university possible.

St Joseph’s also invites their alumni as well as representatives from top UK universities who, along with trained careers advisors, will give you advice on how to write your personal statement, up to date information on interview technique as well as an insight into current university life. Each students will be given 1:1 mentoring based on their career goals. Our UCAS guidance is laid out in the programme below:

We provide…

The UCAS booklet

The bespoke booklet is put together to guide students through every aspect of completing the UCAS application, including guidance on making choices, the application and what makes a great personal statement.

UCAS Booklet 
The UCAS guide for parents, carers and guardians

We also provide a guide for parents, carers and guardians in order to inform you of your role in the supporting students with their application.

UCAS Parent and Carer Guide

UCAS curriculum

The UCAS unit of our PSHE curriculum sits alongside our UCAS booklet and form time UCAS guidance. It drills down into more detail of how to be competitive applying to the very best universities possible for each student. Our lessons cover the following and you will find the workshop PowerPoints and Loom videos where applicable:

  1. Post-18 Workshop 1 – Choosing the Right Course -
  2. Post-18 Workshop 2 – The Personal Statement
     - PowerPoint
  3. Jane Marshall – Writing a Top Personal Statement
  4. Post-18 Workshop 3 – Getting into Your Top Choice University
     Please click here for the PowerPoint
  5. Post-18 Workshop 4 – Creating Your UCAS Account
  6. Work Experience week (24th of May 2021!)
  7. Post-18 Workshop 5 – The UCAS Hub & The Admissions Tests
     - PowerPoint
  8. Post-18 Workshop 6 – Apprenticeships 

    Part 1

    Part 2

  9. Post-18 Workshop 7 – Student Finance & Next Steps
     - PowerPoint Loom video
  10. Post-18 Workshop 8 School Leavers Programme
     & College - PowerPoint Loom video

Guidance on Student Finance for Parents and Students

Please see the following following videos for information on how to apply for student finance.

Student Finance Explained

Student Finance - When and How to Apply?

Eligibility 2020/21

How much am I able to get?

Parents - What Edvidence Do You Need to Send?

Parents - Myths and Facts About Your Child's Student Loan Repayment

Parents - Extra Help for Students with a Disability

EU Students (this subject to change in year 2021/22)

Repaying Student Loans

The Getting into the Top Universities conference

A bespoke conference held by PiXL with guidance on the super curriculum and what students can do to make sure they are fully equipped to get in to the top universities.

The “Why should we offer you a place?” conference

A bespoke conference held by PiXL with guidance on university interviews at the UK’s top universities.

The Optimising Futures workshop

With a wealth of experience at the top universities in the UK, Jane Marshall runs a workshop on the dos and don’ts of writing great personal statement. Jane runs through in great detail the key experiences that every student needs to add to their inventory.

UCAS resource bank

Students are able to find all of the resources mentioned on this webpage on the Pupil Area via: O:\0. 6th Form 2019+\UCAS. This includes:

1. Getting into top universities
2. How to make the best possible university application
3. How to write the UCAS personal statement
4. LSE personal statement examples
5. How to create a UCAS account workshop
6. Getting the most out of the UCAS Hub
7. A UCAS personal statement scaffold
8. The Post-18 Workshops
9. UCAS student FAQs application toolkit