Staff & Academy Committee Members

Teaching Staff

Mr C Stapleton Head Teacher
Mrs L Baker Deputy Head Teacher
Mr R Redwood Deputy Head Teacher
Miss F Araf Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs A Darrie Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs A Fenn Assistant Head Teacher
Mr J Gibbons Assistant Head Teacher
Miss R Morgans Assistant Head Teacher
Mr P Allinson Mathematics
Mrs A Anstiss Physical Education
Mr G Battle Mathematics
Miss L Boland Geography – Subject Leader
Ms K Boon Mathematics
Mr M Bouquet Business Studies – Subject Leader
Mrs K Bray Physical Education
Mrs E Buck Computing – Subject Leader
Mr N Carey English
Miss S Cheston Maths / Designated Safeguard Lead / Head of Year 11
Mrs A Chishti Mathematics
Mr G Clark MFL – Head of Sixth Form
Mr F Colaco Mathematics
Miss C Cooper SENDCo
Mrs T Curran English – Subject Leader
Mr J Davis English / Assistant Head of Year 8
Ms L Debiais MFL
Mrs L Devaraj Business Studies
Mrs S Dunleavy Drama – Subject Leader / Head of Year 7
Mr M Ealaj Computing
Mr R Evans Head of Social Sciences
Mr A Fassl Computing
Mrs L Finn Religious Education / PSHE – Subject Leader
Mr A Gow Physical Education
Mrs B Hameed Science
Ms S Irvine Art
Miss L Kell English – Second in Department / Literacy Coordinator
Miss C Kerton MFL – Subject Leader
Mr D Kuczynski Science
Ms L Leibinger Art – Subject Leader
Mrs B Marciniak-Grabowicz Mathematics
Mr R Matthews History / Head of Year 13 / Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Ms S Murray English – Head of Year 12
Mr P Neophytou Psychology
Mr A Nicol English – Lead Practitioner
Mr C Oakley Geography / Head of Year 10
Miss N O’Connor Mathematics / Head of Year 9
Mr P Odei Mathematics – Subject Leader
Mr T Ojakovoh Religious Education – Subject Leader
Ms J Ossei-Brainoo Religious Education / Assistant Head of Year 9
Mrs E Otter English
Miss E Paines Science – Subject Leader
Ms M Prince Mathematics / Assistant Head of Year 11 / Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Miss F Reynolds Physical Education
Miss K Riddles Science
Miss A Roberts Science
Mr A Robinson Physical Education
Mr C Robinson Science
Mrs R Rodriguez MFL
Mr N Santos Physical Education – Subject Leader
Mr H Silver Technology
Mrs C Spirydon MFL – Head of Year 8
Mrs I Stacey Technology – Subject Leader
Miss S Stevens English
Miss R Thompson English / Associate SENCO
Mrs J Ura Religious Education
Miss K Ure Music – Subject Leader
Dr M Wait Science
Miss E Weir History – Subject Leader / Assistant Head of Year 7
Miss G Wellesley-Davies Geography
Miss R Westwood English


Support Staff

Mrs I Alemao Teaching Assistant
Miss V Berry Receptionist
Mr T Bojanowski Network Manager
Miss V Buchanan Assistant Safeguard Lead / Student Support
Mrs J Cope Clerk / Company Secretary
Mrs L Da Silva Science Technician
Mr R Deans Technology Technician
Miss A Euden VI Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Flanagan HLTA
Miss J French Chaplain
Miss C Gunn Technology Technician
Mrs M Higgins Learning Resource Centre Manager
Mrs B Hill Cover Supervisor / Food Technology Technician
Mr N Hill School Transport
Ms D Jay Director Finance and Operations (SPCAT)
Miss S Kilmister Administration Assistant
Mrs S Louis Teaching Assistant
Miss S Marshall Teaching Assistant
Ms O McAteer Head Teacher’s PA
Mrs L McDonald Art Technician
Mrs S Meehan Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Mulroy Receptionist and Attendance Officer
Ms L Nolan Break/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Oxley Reprographics Technician
Ms B Pelczynska VI Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Robinson Teaching Assistant
Mr J Smith Finance Manager
Miss H Stone Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Thomas Data Manager
Mr A Todd Premises Assistant
Mrs C Toombs Office Manager including Admissions and Exams
Miss S Viegas Teaching Assistant
Mr S Williams Premises Assistant

Academy Committee Members

St. Joseph’s Catholic High School
Local Academy Committee 201-2018
This Committee is an Academy Committee of the St. Peter Catholic Academy Mat.
There are no sub committees.
The committee meets at least once each long term
Members of the Academy Committee in 2017/18


Name Date of Appointment Roles Appointed By Date Stepped Down Attendance Interests Declared
Mr Jim Hayes 01/12/2016   Bishop of Northampton   3/4 None
Mr Ciran Stapleton 01/12/2016   Ex-Officio Head Teacher   4/4 Employee of the Trust
Mr Roman Kulczykowski 01/12/2016 Chair of Academy Committee Bishop of Northampton   4/4 None

St. Joseph’s Catholic High School
Local Academy Committee 2019-20

This Committee is an Academy Committee of the St. Peter Catholic Academy MAT
There are no sub committees.

The committee meets at least once each long term.
The term of appointment is four years.

Members of the Academy Committee in 2019/20

Other Governing Roles

Contact for Chair of the Academy Committee:
The Chair of the Academy Committee can be contacted via the Clerk :

St Peter CAT Scheme Of Delegation (effective Date 1st December 2016)
St Peter CAT Scheme Of Delegation (effective Date 1st December 2016)
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