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Theme of the Week – Rewarding Faith



Have you ever considered your faith as ‘rewarding’? Difficult, hard-going, tested, yes! But, rewarding? One of the biggest challenges with faith is that we don’t see. We don’t see what we’re asked to believe in. We don’t see the way in which faith works. We don’t see the big masterplan of Heaven and the way in which we fit into it! And that blindness can be a problem. Unless we make our faith bigger than the vision. 
When we look beyond what we see, great things can happen. Peter looked beyond what he saw in Jesus. With his eyes he saw a humble, brave and holy man talking about God and the ways in which He works, moves and loves. With his faith-filled heart, he saw the Son of God. 

Peter looked beyond the expected and reaped the rewards. 

God made him the foundation of our Church, gave him the keys to The Kingdom, laid before him the task of starting to build up our Christian Faith. Peter couldn’t have known this is where his faith would lead him. That night when he denied Jesus – do you really think he thought he’d be standing with the heavenly keys in his hands, let alone having all of us praying to him 2000 years later?! 

He was an ordinary man with an ordinary faith. But he looked beyond the expected and reaped the rewards. And we are invited to do the same.
 Each of us, with our ordinary faith are invited to become extraordinary and reap the rewards that God offers us. Think about it today and throughout this week. How can you look beyond what you expect your faith to be like, how you expect to see Jesus at work in your life? Look beyond the expected and look forward to the rewards of your faith. They are endless – literally. We have eternity waiting for us. 


















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