Theme Of The Week

Theme of the Week – the Prayer of Jesus


In Sunday’s Gospel we hear the prayer of Jesus to the Father. In it we hear Jesus pray for two things: to be glorified by God, and for his disciples. 

Now, to think of Jesus asking to be glorified might seem a bit strange. But, he had done what God had sent Him to do (reveal God to the world) and so, it was time for Jesus to return to his Father and rest in His glory. It was nothing selfish or mighty. It wasn’t Jesus demanding some form of reward. He wanted to be back with God, in glory, where He could intercede for all of us. 

Through faith, we believe Jesus received that glory. We have just celebrated his Ascension into Heaven, and we believe that Jesus is now sat at God’s right hand. There, Jesus continues to pray for us. 
Throughout His ministry, Jesus needed to pray! He relied on the support and courage prayer gave him and trusted that His heavenly Father would hear and help Him. We must do the same. 
If prayer is not a regular part of your life right now, be encouraged by Jesus’ own example, and start today. You don’t need fancy words. You don’t need a Church. You just need an open heart and faith that allows you to be vulnerable before God. Let Jesus into your life. Let Him do the praying for you! After all, He is in the best place to intercede for each of us.
















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