To enrich students with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future, whilst also giving them a platform to discuss and explore issues and challenges that they face on a day to day basis in a safe and secure environment. The curriculum is designed to enable students to make informed choices which will keep them healthy and safe in an increasingly complex world.


The curriculum for PSHE in Year 7 is primarily focused on the transition from primary to secondary school. Students focus on self-identity and forming friendships. As well as this, there is an opportunity to learn skills and strategies to keep them safe as they become more active members of society. Students begin to explore citizenship and what it means to be a citizen. In careers students begin to explore employability skills and think about careers they may well like to do in the future.


Following on from Year 7 students in Year 8 start to think about how to manage their relationships with others including how they use social media. Students are encouraged to think about how they may deal with negative situations surrounding bullying, stereotyping and peer pressure. The curriculum explores emotional and mental health and how drugs and alcohol can have an adverse effect on emotional and mental health. Students learn about government and democracy. Whilst in careers there is a focus on different types of employment and skills needed for certain careers in order to prepare students for making GCSE subject choices.


In Year 9 the curriculum focuses on identifying and dealing with unhealthy relationships as well as understanding our rights and responsibilities in different relationships. Students will focus on peer influence including the risks associated with gangs. There is focus on law and its purpose in society. Students also learn skills and strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Year 9 careers is all about setting short, medium and long term targets to help students work towards the career goals.


The Year 10 curriculum is designed to allow students to explore and understand some of the ideas around sexuality and identity and why discussions around this can be challenging. There is a focus on mental health and learning strategies to help safeguard our mental wellbeing. Students are given an opportunity to explore the world of finance and learn about the importance of making sound financial decisions. Year 10 citizenship builds on studies from year 7, 8 and 9 with a focus on active citizenship.


In Year 11 students focus on intimate relationships and how the media can influence ideas of what healthy relationships look like. Sex education covers topics on contraception, STIs, pregnancy and miscarriage. Students are taught skills and strategies to prepare them for GCSE exams including time management and revision tips. The curriculum also prepares students for post 16 with a focus on different types of further education, the application process for post 16 options, CV writing and career progression.


The aim of our PSHE Programme is to enable students to develop holistically, support their transition to adult life and guide them from dependence to independence, by equipping students to improve themselves, the way they think and understand others by:

  • improving their health & wellbeing
  • helping them understand how to build positive relationships
  • equipping them with the knowledge and skills to live in the wider world (academic literacy, economic wellbeing, careers and the world of work)
  • to develop their cognitive abilities to make rational judgements by examining cognitive biases, fallacies and logic

The course will be split into seven units:

  1. Wellbeing for the Modern World
  2. Sex and Relationship Education
  3. Employability
  4. Post-18 Pathways
  5. Living the Wider World
  6. Financial Literacy
  7. Future Leaders 

Furthermore, it exists to promote pupils moral, social, spiritual and cultural development while increasing their self-confidence.


In Year 12 our focus is initially on making a smooth transitions in Post 16 study with a focus on academic literacy, study skills and metacognitive strategies that will prepare them well for level 3 study and beyond. It will provide the students with the capacity to learn independently, how to set and track their own academic targets and to help them manage their time more effectively. Through the year other areas are covered such as healthy relationships, physical and mental wellbeing, careers guidance as well as digital literacy.


In Year 13 support and advice in selecting and applying for University places or employment are a major focus along with Careers advice and exposure to a range of Post 18 options available.  In addition to this the students receive practical advice and session on how to revise, exam technique and how to manage stress, with the option to discover meditation & relaxation techniques as well as a focus on citizenship in modern Britain.

All our sixth form benefit from a range speakers and guests to inform and inspire them to achieve their potential as we seek opportunities that will further enrich our students beyond the scheduled programme.


 For further information regarding PSHE please contact the following:

  • Ms Jennifer Ossei-Brainoo (Head of PSHE) -