Electives 22/23

Electives 2022/23

At St Joseph’s Catholic High School we recognize the value of education beyond the confines of the traditional classroom environment. As such, we have sought to develop learning opportunities for our students that enrich and enhance their studies, but also allow them to discover and develop new ideas and talents.

Our new Electives Programme gives students the opportunity to take part in up to 6 different enrichment opportunities every school year; each one with a clear vision and aim in developing key skills and attributes of value.

Through our electives programme we aim to:

  • Develop relationships with peers and celebrate children learning from, and inspiring each other.
  • Provide opportunities for students to understand elements of their subject areas in greater depth.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership, problem solving, time management, organisation and teamwork skills.
  • Reinforce the application of skills from different curriculum areas.