To unlock and inspire a life-long love of being physically active whilst empowering students to develop their compassion, eloquence and leadership through a variety of roles in the sporting world.

Enacting our Vision

We endeavour to provide all students with a wide variety of sports and the roles associated with the sporting world. Looking to interleave and highlight the importance and impact of these roles across physical activity. Emphasis on physical and mental health and fitness should underpin all lessons to promote the want to remain physically active long after pupils leave St.Joseph’s. Having an extra-curricular programme supports the development of our pupils understanding further and, opens up opportunities outside of school PE through clubs, fixtures and cross-school leadership roles. Running parallel with all physical elements is the complimentary theoretical knowledge so that all pupils can fully embrace how the body works in order to better their physical performance.

Contribution to Catholic Life

"Sport can walk hand in hand with faith. Sport trains body and spirit for perseverance, effort, courage, balance, sacrifice, honesty, friendship and collaboration”

- Pope John Paul II

Our school pupil profile values: 'faith-filled, gratefulness, truthfulness, curiosity and compassion' relate beautifully to the quote above and will be embedded into every lesson within our PE curriculum. PE will achieve this by making a unique contribution to developing children’s physical, cognitive, social, interpersonal, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It provides opportunities for children to be creative and competitive while learning to work with and be compassionate towards others. Our curriculum encourages all children to participate in sport in order to develop an appreciation of, being active, to develop their curiosity and to be grateful of the abilities of others and an awareness of opportunities to enjoy fulfilling leisure activities. Students will be taught to have faith in themselves and others when they are finding a skill difficult and to support one another to perform to their best abilities. Students will be taught truthfulness through fair play and sportsmanship.


Pupils start year 7 looking at concepts across PE so that we can assess their prior learning and set them accordingly. Pupils then use the concepts to underpin all future sports or concepts that are then delivered. Pupils get a range of sports across the year taking into account seasons and community led fixtures. There is a great emphasis on pupils being confident movers by the end of year 7 and are taught the key core skills across a number of sports, this links to our pupils' virtues of being active and curious


Year 8 looks to enhance pupil’s passion for PE and develop the core skills into advanced skills within the sports on offer. Pupils are challenges on their understanding of strategies and tactics and by the end of the year will be able to analyse self and peer movement, informing their choices on how to modify their techniques to gain greater success in both individual and team sports.


By this third year, attention switches to the process of competitive play and opportunities for independence are structured for pupils to feel safe to extend their ability to officiate. Pupils should feel happy and healthy in their ability to perform and officiate the sports they take part in and aspects of peer development and leadership are encouraged in lessons. Students will develop a clarity of rules and regulations of sport and will be challenges on their fair judgement whilst officiating.


Leadership is the focus for this year with all sports having leadership roles highlighted and utilised within lessons. Pupils will develop the knowledge and understanding of how leadership can create change in a individual or teams' performance. Strong connections and links are identified and embedded within the lessons on how leadership is different across all sports.


By year 11, pupils will be able to be independently active in their choices and involvement in physical activity. Options of sports are provided for pupils at varying points in each term and pupils are trusted that the knowledge they have accrued in the lower year groups will enable them to make accurate choices on where they want to take their physical activity. Options of fitness, dance, team and individual sports are on offer and pupils are able to put their experiences of leadership, officiating and performing into full action so they can fully instil the importance of life long physical activity.


Students get the opportunity to deepen their curiosity and develop their understanding of sport in a variety of setting linking to future career avenues. Year 12 see’s students look in-depth at the physiological process’ of the human body within sport. But this is counterbalanced with a coursework unit of careers in sports. Marrying these two topics together highlights all future prospects for any student wishes to fulfil a career in the sporting industry. Year 13 asks students to look at their leadership qualities in a practical unit as well as an exam element, which is asking the pupils to analyse performers lifestyles. This unit in year 13 solidifies to the pupils, their personal intent on continuing with physical activity after leaving and provides scope and understanding of what the impact of a positive and negative lifestyle can have on themselves as well as others. This qualification is closely linked to areas in biology and the vocational aspect draws on skills pupils would have established from GCSE English. The opportunities on offer from completing a qualification like BTEC range from university, apprenticeships and the world of world.

PE After School Clubs

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For further information regarding Physical Education, please contact the following:

Mr Fergus Walsh (Head of PE)