Year 12

Pupils are encouraged to be curious at the beginning of the course by choosing an area of interest and drafting a title with aims of a project for formal approval by the school. This title could be related to religion, morality or ethics. They then research a wide range of sources in order to reach a conclusion before writing a 5,000 word dissertation on this. They demonstrate discerning qualities through writing a literature review and judging which sources are more reliable than others. This is hugely beneficial to university students since they will be required to write literature reviews, including the same Harvard Referencing in further education. The fact that this project is led by the pupils gives them the opportunity to become more critical, reflective and independent learners.

Year 13

Pupils finish writing their 5,000 word dissertation. At the end of this essay, they are required to write an evaluation. This encourages pupils to be self-reflective, since they explain why they chose their project, what they discovered and what they would do differently next time. At the end of the project, pupils perform a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, delivering their findings to the class.


-              Journalist

-              Editor

-              Barrister/Solicitor

-              Senior Project Manager

-              Human Rights Activist

-              Policy Advisor