The Law Department intends for all students to explore the relationship between law, individuals and the state, and develop an understanding of how this relationship effects all our lives. As well as enhancing skills for the future, in particular, articulating, analyzing, evaluating and communicating, law intends to unlock belief in all for a fairer and just society. 


The Law Department aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of the study of law and explore the relationship between law, individuals and the state. Students will study the role of law within society, how it impacts upon citizens and how morality and justice plays an important part in creating and shaping the laws we have. Students will study the English Legal System, the different forms of Sources of Law we have in England and Wales as well as looking at the routes, qualifications and roles of different legal personnel such as Barristers and Solicitors.

At A-Level Law students will study three different areas of Substantive law:

  1. Criminal Law - students will learn about fatal and non-fatal offences to a person, property offences such as Theft and Robbery and defences that may be available. The second area of
  2. Tort Law – Students will learn about the law of negligence to a person both physical and psychiatric harm. Economic loss and negligent misstatement as well as Nuisance
  3. Human Rights Law – Students will learn about The European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) and different rights held such as Right to life (Article 2), Right to Liberty (Article 5) and the Right to expression (Article 10). Students will also learn how this has been enforced by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and the State.

Throughout the year there will be an opportunity to help enrich our students’ cultural capital by visiting the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court.

A-level Law Curriculum Map


By studying A-Level Law students will have a great foundation to study Law at degree level as well pursuing a Higher Apprenticeship as it offers valuable insight into the theory and practice. In recent years students have progressed to study law at universities such as Cardiff, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Portsmouth. For further information on different careers in law please click on the attached link:


For further information regarding Law please contact:

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