Student Leaders

Student Leadership

The 2018-2019 academic year has started off in full swing in terms of Student Leadership at St. Joseph’s. Throughout September the students were busy campaigning to be Student Leaders for Year 7-9 and Prefects for Year 10-12. All students were required to fill in an application on how they will ‘Make their Mark’ at St. Joseph’s and then either deliver a presentation to their year group or complete an interview process. Despite there being limited positions, all students who participated were fantastic representations of the St. Joseph’s ethos. Many students highlighted their desire to become more involved within their local community; mentor younger students; and develop strategies to ensure that the school community is one that is based on positivity and mutual respect.

The Senior Student Council which consisted of: the Head Boy, the Head Girl, the Deputy Head Boy and the Deputy Head Girl, who were nominated into their roles in June, played a pivotal role in leading the Student Leadership elections. They demonstrated the utmost maturity and integrity. The positive attitude that they exuded instilled confidence in the younger students which allowed them the courage to put themselves forward for a Student Leadership role.

As a Student Leadership team, our vision is to promote positive change within both the school community and our community at large. We hope to empower the students at St. Joseph’s to become leaders within themselves and support them in understanding that they have the ability to confidently lead and create meaningful change.

It is a privilege to announce the 2018-2019 St. Joseph’s Student Leadership team:

Head Boy, Solace Lowe

Deputy Head Boy, Christian Cabasa

Head Girl, Francesca Mennone

Deputy Head Girl, Nana Yaa Asiedua

Year 13 Student Leaders

Nikola Ferdek

Heather Anaya

Gabriela Michalowska

Panashe Dzumbunu

Year 12 Prefects

Airon Leavy

Aaliyah Adams

Amrita Judge

Aku Bulley

Vania Mendonca

Year 11 Prefects

Praveen Nathan

Aaron Soares

Chloe Ayisi-Asiedu

Louise Stannard

Wiktoria Wietchy

Aaliyah Khan

Year 10 Prefects

Tamudashe Nyamakunda

Nana Adwoa Ampong

Marvin Fosto

Ellen Brazier

Emma Jane Kingsman

Savannah Khan

Kieran Jones

Rosheoil Michael

Year 9 Student Leaders

Robert Mania

Rebecca Conlon

Year 8 Student Leaders

Danica Amon

Lola Crossley

Year 7 Student Leaders

Arthur Ventura

Lena Bojarska


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