Mission to Thailand 2016

Ten VI Form students will be travelling to Thailand in February 2016 to work with the Thai Children’s Trust, a catholic charity set up to help disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Thailand.

This charity has a variety of projects set up in Thailand aiming to provide children with food, shelter and a basic education. The trip will involve students working in several different projects that the charity runs such as orphanages, a drop in centre for street children, school for students with disabilities, working with blind and deaf students and also helping to teach English to children who live in extreme poverty. This will be an extremely enriching experience for students who will fully get to experience a different culture to ours in the UK.
The students are looking to fundraise £13,000 between them to get to Thailand. They will be putting on many fundraising events over the course of the year to meet this target. Please keep an eye on this page to see what events will be happening and how we are getting on with our fundraising!



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