Year 11 Hoodies

Year 11 Leavers’ Hoodies

Dear Parent / Carer

I’m writing to offer you the opportunity to purchase a Class of 2019 Leavers’ Hoody for your son/daughter.

The Hoodies will have a large ‘19’ print on the back, containing the names of all students in the Year Group, and will also feature an embroidered logo on the front and their initials if required. Students can pick from a huge range of 33 different colours. They also have the opportunity to personalise their Hoody with a nickname at a small extra cost.

All of the students have the opportunity to purchase a Hoody. It is essential that their orders are placed on-line before Wednesday 17th April at 1pm so that they don’t miss out and we are able to have them for their final leavers’ assembly. There will only be one order; so students will not be able to place orders after this deadline. The cost for a Hoody is £23.99.

All orders have to be completed on line following the link below

Please note: The online shop will close on Wednesday 17th April at 1:00pm.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Pritchard

Head of Year 11

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