Staff & Academy Committee Members

Teaching Staff

Mr C Stapleton Executive Headteacher
Mrs L Baker Head Of School
Mr J Sindall Deputy Head Teacher
Mr R Redwood Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs A Fenn Assistant Head Teacher
Mr J Gibbons Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs A Darrie Assistant Head Teacher
Miss F Araf Assistant Head Teacher
Ms F Ahmed History – Lead Practitioner
Mr P Allinson Mathematics
Mrs A Anstiss Physical Education
Mr G Battle Mathematics
Mr A Blacklock Geography
Miss L Boland Geography
Mr C Bonnie Religious Education
Ms K Boon Mathematics
Mr M Bouquet Business Studies – Subject Leader
Mrs K Bray Physical Education / Head of Year 9
Mrs E Buck Computing – Subject Leader
Miss S Cheston Maths / Child Protection Officer / Head of Year 10
Mr G Clark MFL – Head of Sixth Form
Mr F Colaco Mathematics
Dr M Cole Sociology – Subject Leader
Miss C Cooper Head of Learning Support
Mrs T Curran English – Subject Leader
Mr J Davis English
Ms L Debiais MFL
Mrs S Dunleavy i/c Drama / Head of Year 7
Mrs L Finn Religious Education
Mr A Gow Physical Education / Head of Year 9
Mrs B Hameed Science
Mrs E Hunti Science
Ms S Irvine Art
Miss L Kell English – Second in Department / Literacy Coordinator
Miss C Kerton MFL – Subject Leader
Mr M Killoran Technology – Subject Leader
Ms L Leibinger Art – Subject Leader
Mrs P Marangon MFL
Mrs B Marciniak-Grabowicz Maths
Mr R Matthews History – Subject Leader
Mr Z Mitura PE
Ms S Murray English
Mr A Nicol English – Lead Practitioner
Mrs E Ndiritu Business Studies
Mr C Oakley Geography – Subject Leader
Miss N O’Connor Mathematics / Head of Year 8
Mr P Odei Mathematics – Subject Leader
Mr T Ojakovoh Religious Education – Subject Leader
Ms J Ossei-Brainoo Religious Education
Mrs E Otter English
Miss E Paines Science – Interim Subject Leader
Ms M Prince Mathematics / Assistant Head of Year 9
Mrs S Pritchard Science / Head of Year 11
Miss K Riddles Science
Mr C Robinson Science
Mrs R Rodriguez MFL
Mr N Santos Physical Education – Subject Leader
Mr J Self Psychology / Head of Social Sciences / Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Miss M Soufian Science
Miss S Stevens English
Mrs J Stopps Technology / KS 3 Coordinator – Technology
Miss R Thompson English
Mr T Thompson Physical Education
Mrs J Ura Religious Education
Miss K Ure Music – Subject Leader
Mr J Vallely Computing
Dr M Wait Science
Miss E Weir History
Miss G Wellesley-Davies Geography
Miss R Westwood English


Support Staff

Mrs I Alemao Teaching Assistant
Miss V Berry Administration Assistant
Mr T Bojanowski ICT Technician
Miss V Buchanan Assistant SENCo / Deputy DSL
Mr N Carey Cover Supervisor / Head of House – Veronica
Mr D Colclough Technology Technician
Mrs J Cope Clerk / Company Secretary
Mrs L Da Silva Science Technician
Miss A Euden VI Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Flanagan HLTA
Miss J French Chaplain
Mrs B Hill Cover Supervisor / Food Technology Technician
Miss K Hoadley Technology Technician
Mrs T Ikram Learning Resource Centre Manager
Ms D Jay Director Finance and Operations (SPCAT)
Miss S Kilmister Administration Assistant
Ms O McAteer Head Teacher’s PA
Mrs L McDonald Art Technician
Mrs S Meehan Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Mulroy Receptionist and Attendance Officer
Ms L Nolan Break/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Oxley Reprographics Technician
Ms B Pelczynska VI Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Rae Science Technician
Mrs M Robinson Teaching Assistant
Mr J Smith Finance Manager
Mrs N Thomas Data Manager
Mr A Todd Premises Assistant
Mrs C Toombs Office Manager including Admissions and Exams
Miss S Viegas Teaching Assistant
Mr S Ward ICT Manager
Mr S Williams Premises Assistant

Academy Committee Members

C Stapleton
J Hayes
E Bulley
Father K O’Driscoll
R Kulczykowski
L Baker

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