Theme Of The Week



During half term we will be celebrating a very special feast. I’m not talking about Halloween! Of course, for us, it is the feast of All Saints and the commemoration of All Souls.

These two very poignant celebrations are really important for us, because they remind us of the hope we have in life after death.

All of us have experienced loss on our lives; it is devastating and often very painful. However, through the power and promise of the resurrection, we know death is not the end.

All Saints day is a holy day of Obligation. It is important for us to go to mass and celebrate the Saints of Heaven! This beautiful feast is a reminder to us all that we have the potential to become saints! Yes, even you!! The way in which we live our lives, express our faith and share our love can all lead us on the path to sainthood. It is also a reminder that we have a whole host of people, like you and me, at God’s right hand, interceding for us all the time. What a gift! On all Souls’ Day we pray for all who have died, both recently and in the past. Although it can be sad to pray for those we have lost, it is good to remember that it is a prayer full of peace and hope. We pray for their souls‘ admittance to heaven and for their eternal rest in peace – again, what a beautiful gift that is!

So, this half term, when the shops and tv are encouraging us to think about the deathly hallows and creepy spirits of Halloween, let us instead hold on to the light that Jesus provides for us; the Light of the resurrection and the hope of life with him and our Heavenly Father in eternal peace.




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