Theme Of The Week

Our theme next week is ‘Lost and Found.

Sunday’s Gospel is a lengthy one! We hear 3 parables, all of which carry the same message: God rejoices when we turn to Him, seeking His love, forgiveness and finding our home in Him.

Life can sometimes throw up all sorts of situations that cause us to question our faith. I don’t need to list any examples, you will know what kind of things I mean. When we are faced with these challenges, and often pain, God can seem very far away and we can tend to wander on our own path, either because we feel know best, or because we don’t think God cares. 

What this Sunday’s Gospel reminds us is that God always cares. He sees us, knows us, hears us, even when we don’t really know ourselves, there He is, in our midst, cheering us on in the ways that we are oblivious to. He searches for us when we are lost, He welcomes us when we stray, He loves us when we feel totally unlovable. That is the God we believe in. That is the God we make time for each day.

So, this week, if you are feeling lost, far away or simply deserted in your faith – take some time to be still and listen. God will call out your name and, like a Good Shepherd does, will come and meet you where you are to bring you home. You don’t have to do anything.. just believe in His relentless, unconditional love.


Prayer for the week

Lord Jesus,

Throughout this week, help us to rejoice in your love and mercy.

As we work through our duties and day to day lives, be with us, reminding us that we only have to turn and look to you to remember that we are loved.

We make this prayer in your name.


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