Theme Of The Week

Theme of the Week
The theme of this week is ‘Life of Love’. This Sunday we celebrated Good Shepherd Sunday.
It may seem odd having Jesus call himself a Shepherd and us his sheep – but the analogy fits. In the same way a Shepherd guards, protects and puts his life on the line for his sheep, Jesus does the same for us. The life Jesus led was a life of love. Everything he did was out of and because of his love for you and for me.
When danger surrounds us, when we are in harm’s way, we shall not fear because we believe we have the world’s greatest Shepherd in our midst

Prayer for the Week
Lord Jesus, as we continue to celebrate this Easter season,

we look to you as the Shepherd of our lives.
As we journey through this week,

may we know and experience your guiding hand,

keeping us from harm and protecting us from all danger.

May we come to know you as you know us,

and trust in your everlasting love.

Alleluia! Amen.

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