Theme Of The Week

Theme of the Week


Our theme next week is ‘Unconditional Faith’

Once again, our Sunday Gospel gives us food for our spirit and heart at such a challenging time. John presents us with the death (and subsequent resurrection) of Lazarus. But surrounding this miracle, there is a poignant portrayal of humanity. Mary and Martha are desperately seeking Jesus’ help and presence; the disciples are confused and try to influence Jesus’ actions and decisions; Jesus himself is struck with grief, distress and sighs with ‘a heavy heart’

at the loss of His friend. We can all relate to these emotions, especially during this crazy time in our lives. But we mustn’t forget or ignore that, despite how any of them felt, the did not lose faith.

Mary said she knew that Jesus would come to their aid. The disciples trusted Jesus’ judgement even thought they didn’t understand. Jesus thanked His Father even though He was lost in grief and believed that He would still work even though death had taken hold.

Faith is hard. It is exhausting to keep believing when there is so much pain, uncertainty and anxiety around us. But we have a faithful God; we have a miraculous God who wants to work in us and through us – if we just believe.

Even though we cannot be together as a community right now, and although we cannot worship at Mass as we would usually, let us all take heart from this Gospel message this week. Let us pray that the sickness that is driving through our world will be contained and defeated; that people will turn to their faith, seeking God’s guidance, mercy and love, and over time, this challenge will make the glory of God even more evident in our world. Amen.

‘This sickness will end not in death but in God’s glory’ (John 1:4)


Prayer for the Week


Lord Jesus, We pray this week with heavy hearts, full of anxiety at the current situation of our town, city, country and world.


Help us to take comfort from your words this week; knowing that you too felt grief and loss and experienced times when you needed God to help you.


In this time of uncertainty, may we look to you and your example of unwavering faith, and trust in God’s great, faithful, unshakeable love for each of us.















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