Radio Wexham

Radio Wexham broadcasts exclusively to the patients and staff of the Wexham Park Hospital, part of the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. They are part of the League of Friends, we are essentially autonomous in that we are managed by our own executive committee and we raise our own funds.

The station registered aims and objectives are:

  • To provide a professional hospital radio service to Wexham Park Hospital
  • To improve the quality of life for the patients and staff.
  • To provide support services, from outside broadcasts to activities organised by the League of Friends.
  • To help in the local community wherever possible, always providing that the main role of serving the local hospital is not compromised
  • To raise funds to finance the service
  • Provide opportunities for all members to learn/develop radio and broadcasting skills

St Joseph’s Enrichment

Since 2014, Radio Wexham and St Joseph’s have linked up to offer 6th form students an excellent enrichment opportunity as volunteers at the station.

Students volunteer every Wednesday afternoon at the station. They are able to get involved in all aspects of the station including:

  • Visiting the patients and staff on the wards to get song requests
  • Planning, producing and presenting programmes
  • Learning the technical side (using the mixer, Myriad systems, editing programmes

As part of the scheme, the current 6th form team chose to create the production company “Voices Allowed” to encourage youngsters to stand up and have their say on subjects they feel passionate about.

One of the chosen subjects was Bullying, as in the press there had been a lot of coverage about the increase in bullying in the UK, and the team wanted to get it across to their peers that it’s everyone’s responsibility to stand against it.

It took many weeks researching, writing the script and recording, but the outcome was a great feature called “Bullying – Not My Problem!”

The feature was so good it was entered by Radio Wexham for the Sandford St Martin Awards, in the new Children’s Award for broadcast content specifically aimed at under 18s which improves young people’s understanding of religion or which introduces them to moral or ethical issues.

The Awards are the most prestigious broadcast awards for radio, TV and online content that explore religious, spiritual or ethical themes.


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