Post 18 Options

Guidance and useful links for your Post-18 options


Apprenticeships, work and training: Careermap™ is a directory website that lists apprenticeship opportunities, training opportunities and college courses. Careersbox™ is a directory website that hosts videos with information on thousands of professionals and job roles. Careerpilot™ is a directory website that gives information for the types of post-18 that are available in great detail.

Useful websites for searching for Apprenticeship, work and training opportunities:



In researching and choosing courses and universities, you should:


The UCAS application:

  • You will choose a maximum of 5 courses
  • Some choice restrictions:
      • Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry – max of 4 choices
      • Oxford or Cambridge – usually you can only apply for one course at one or the other.
  • UCAS operates an invisibility policy. This means that each university that you apply to can’t see which other institutions has also received an application from you.
  • Payment of £24 to apply – made online by card.
  • You can only send one UCAS application in each year’s cycle.


The UCAS tariff points system


Student finance:

New Home students – PN1 form.

New EU students – EU19N form. ways to find that extra money for university


The presentation will be available on the St Joseph’s School website and will be emailed to students.


Post-18 Options Evening 2019
Post-18 Options Evening 2019
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