For Students

A message from the Head Boy and Head Girl:

Dear Students,

The Sixth Form has been good for students academically; the teachers have been really supportive and helpful. We have been given iPads which help us with learning, for example it enables us to download educational apps which help us to learn and gives us opportunities to take learning to a new level. All students are given target grades at the beginning of Sixth Form, these are individual for each student to make sure we all reach our full potential. In all of our subjects we focus on what we could do to reach our target grade. In addition to this, we receive reports every half term to inform us of what grade we are currently working at and what we can do to reach our target grades in each subjects.

If you choose Sixth Form at St.Joseph’s, you’ll find yourself in a safe environment with teachers you know and teachers who know you well. If you are new to St.Joseph’s then we can assure you that the teachers are supportive and you will soon feel that you have been at St.Joseph’s for a long time. As a Sixth Former, you will be given the opportunity to take leadership roles within the school, for example Prefect duties and helping the lower school in their classes. At St.Joseph’s we have enrichment one lesson a week which offers us a chance to gain other types of experience rather than just academically. Enrichment gives you the opportunity to do work experience both in and out of school, for example working at Radio Wexham and crewing for local productions.

For year 13s we have workshops that help us prepare for life outside of school. One workshop is “World of Workers” which helps us with writing up CVs and practicing for job interviews. The other workshop is “UCAS” where they help us with university choices and personal statements. Enrichment benefits you and opens up many opportunities especially when you start to write your UCAS forms for university. The staff at St.Joseph’s will support you and, as a Catholic community, we help support each other to be successful.

Anqi He (Head Girl) and Nyall Douglas (Head Boy)

Sixth Form Handbook 2014-15
Sixth Form Handbook 2014-15
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