Aims of the Curriculum – ‘Unlocking Belief in All’


At St Joseph’s we aim to offer to all students an interesting, broad and balanced curriculum: a curriculum which promotes examination success and recognises personal achievement at all levels. We provide an environment in which young people of all abilities are able to develop the skills and attitudes which will facilitate lifelong learning. Throughout their time at St Joseph’s students will have the opportunity complete a range of extracurricular activities which will develop their creative, communication, community, physical and entrepreneurial skills.

Throughout all Key Stages PSHE and Citizenship are taught for 2 hours a fortnight on a rolling timetable.

Key Stage 3

All students at Key Stage 3 follow this core curriculum. We run a two week timetable which consists of fifty 1 hour lessons over the two week cycle.

Year 7 Curriculum

Year 8 Curriculum

Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 pupils follow a three year program which enables teachers to delve deeper and linger longer to develop the mastery required to be successful on the new GCSE courses. Over the three years students continue to study a broad and balanced curriculum consisting of our core curriculum and 4 additional options choices.

Literacy and Numeracy are not only taught in Maths and English but form an integral part of all subjects across the curriculum. Students in Year 7 and 8 read and complete a numeracy activity weekly during Form Time. Students identified as requiring additional support are following the Hackney Lit program.
At KS3 PSHE, Citizenship and Careers are incorporated across the curriculum.

During the options process at the end of KS3 students are guided towards the differentiated pathway which best suits their individual needs selecting a combination of traditional GCSE subjects or vocational options as appropriate.
• Pathway 1 – Students study the full EBacc following our core curriculum, a modern foreign language, a humanities subject plus 2 additional subject choices
• Pathway 2 – Students study our core curriculum, a humanities plus 3 additional options choices. Students may opt to follow the full EBacc
• Pathway 3 – Students following this pathway receive extra support in Maths and English in place of one options choice
More information on our curriculum pathways can be found here;

Curriculum Pathways 2018-2021 Pathway 1

Curriculum Pathways 2018-2021 Pathway 2

Key Stage 5

At Key stage 5 students generally study 3 A Levels culminating in exams after 2 years. Those students opting to study Maths or Science will study 4 AS levels in Year 12 before selecting 3 to take forward to A2. Some students follow a combination of BTEC and A Level Courses. The following subjects are currently available;
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Media, Economics, Psychology, Geography, History, Law, Product Design, Sociology, Business Studies, Maths, Philosophy and Ethics, English Literature, English Language, French, Spanish, Computing, Art, Core Maths and BTEC in the following; Sport, Music, Travel and Tourism, Health and Social Care, Performing Arts.

Each option chosen is given eight 1 hour lessons per fortnight.

In addition to formal A-Level Subjects students have the opportunity to follow an enrichment program on Wednesday afternoons together with weekly Spiritual Development lessons. The aim of this program is to;

• To equip students with independent learning and critical thinking skills vital for going on to employment or University;
• To give students the opportunities to make healthy choices about your wellbeing and balance the demands of work with recreation;
• To develop interpersonal skills, team-working abilities and initiative;
• To provide opportunities to enhance the local community through fundraising and charity work;
• To undertake an extended project.

For further information please refer to the Sixth form Prospectus

Curriculum into practice through exceptional Learning and Teaching and Assessment
Staff will;
• Have high expectations of students.
• Employ a variety of appropriate teaching and learning methods.
• Ensure that, whenever possible, students are found means to access to the curriculum and given opportunities to succeed.
• Deliver program of study which build upon students’ previous experiences.
• Provides work which meets the students, needs and aspirations, which offers depth and challenge, and which motivates and inspires them.
• Provide regular feedback through assessments and encourage students to evaluate their own learning.
• Develop students’ skills to become independent learners.
• Reward and value student achievement.
• Work in partnership with parents keeping them informed regularly.

Careers Delivery 2018 - 2019
Careers Delivery 2018 - 2019
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