School Admissions

Admission Numbers/Planned Admission Number (PAN)

This is a minimum number of pupils that a school is required to admit up to in the normal year of entry if the school is over-subscribed. The number is calculated using a DfE (Department for Education) formula, which takes into consideration the number of pupils that can be accommodated safely into the teaching space available. Schools must offer up to the Admission Number and, once reached, any further admissions would normally need to be decided by an Independent Appeals Panel.

Common Application Form

All parents must apply for a school using the Common Application Form (CAF) that will be issued by your home Local Authority. The CAF is also available online at The form will give parents the opportunity to state a preference for up to six schools. If you are a Slough resident and wish to apply to any other school outside the Slough area, you must use the common application form you have received from Slough Borough Council. Other local authorities will not accept requests for application forms.

Equal Preference Model

You should put your preferences on the CAF in ranked order. All preferences listed on the Common Application Form are considered using the over-subscription criteria for each school regardless of where they are ranked. Where a pupil can be offered a place at more than one school on the Common Application Form, the offer will be to the highest ranked school.

Co-ordinated Admission Scheme

All parents living in Slough will apply for a school through the Co-ordinated Admission Scheme. The purpose of the scheme is to ensure that every parent receives an offer of only one place. All applications must be made on a Common Application Form. This includes applications to Grammar schools, Academies and schools in other LEAs. At the end of the process a single lettter offering a palce will be sent to all parents who have applied for a place.

St Joseph’s Catholic High School is a Voluntary Aided School and it can set and apply its own over-subscription criteria, but this will be administered within the Secondary Co-ordinated Scheme agreed by Slough Local Authority.

Applying to St Joseph’s

We have our own Application Form which must be completed in addition to the CAF and returned to St Joseph’s by Tuesday 31 October 2017. No application can be considered without a completed Application Form. Applications received after this date will be treated as late applications. The Priest’s Reference form should also be completed if appropriate, and given to your priest or minister for signing and they should then return the form to St Joseph’s by Tuesday 31 October 2017. The Common Application Form (CAF) must also be completed and returned to the LEA or submitted on line by 31 October 2017.

Notification of Places

At the beginning of March 2018 your local authority will advise you of the school that your child has been allocated. If you have been allocated a place at St Joseph’s we will write to you and ask for confirmation that you wish to accept the place. You will only receive a letter directly from St Joseph’s if you have been offered a place.

Mid-Year Admissions

Applicants for places mid-year, subject to the Admissions Criteria, will be admitted up to the planned admissions number for the individual year.


If you wish to appeal against any decision of the Trust related to admissions then please contact the school to obtain an Admission Appeal Form. This should be completed and returned to the address shown on the form. Please note the following dates:

National Allocation Day when details of school place allocated for entry in September 2018 is notified: Thursday 1 March 2018
Appeal form must be received by: Thursday 29 March 2018* (15.00 hrs)
*Appeals will be accepted after this date but may be not be heard with appeals that were received by the deadline.
Appeals received for Year 7 transfer will be heard: Within 40 school days of 29 March, 2018.
Appeals received for entry at other times of the year for all year groups will be heard: Within 30 school days.
Religious Leader Reference
Religious Leader Reference
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Application Form
Application Form
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