Mission to Thailand

We are at the beginning of our fundraising mission to get 12 VI Form students to Thailand to volunteer with street children, orphans and children with HIV and Aids. If anyone would like to contribute towards our fundraising costs, please do it at this web page:


The group of 12 students need to raise a amount of £13,000 for the trip to Pattaya in February 2016. During our visit to Pattaya, students will spend their time in day care centres for young children, drop in centres for them to sleep and eat, a school for the blind and disabled where they will help with skills to have the best chance in life. They will also spend time in the orphanage set up by Father Ray where they look after up to 850 young children from 1 day old to 18 years old. During our visit there, we will spend time meeting and getting to know the young people and building relationships and trust to help them forget about all the awful things that have happened.

Thank you so much for your support.

Miss R Morgans

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