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Mission To Thailand

St Joseph’s Mission2Thailand

 Each year, a group of twelve year 13 students travel to Thailand for two weeks to work with needy children in Pattaya, Thailand.

Pattaya is a city approximately one hour from Bangkok which is renowned for sex tourism. As a result of this industry, there are high amounts of street children, orphans and children living with HIV and aids. As such several charities have been set up to work with these children and help to provide them with basic life necessities; food, shelter and most importantly access to education. A huge emphasis is put onto the children’s education as this is the one tool that can change their lives and life chances.

Our school community, led by the sixth form going to Thailand fundraise £15,000 each year to facilitate this trip to Thailand and to help take equipment to the children and fund activities and trips with the children when in the country. Our sixth formers are hands on during their time in Thailand and have a jam packed two weeks visiting the different projects and putting on different activities at these.

On their return from Thailand, they speak to all year groups in the school about their trip and children they have met – the mission in then passed over to the next year group to start the fundraising process.

For further details about this work, please contact Miss Morgans: r.morgans@st-josephs.slough.sch.uk