The careers programme will help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to be able to:

Assess your needs, values, interests, skills and achievements relating them to career ideas you may have, and identify areas for personal growth and development

  • Online careers sites access
  • Real Game Careers module in Year 7/8
  • Careers action plan in Year 7/8
  • Students in Year 7 complete a Skills Passport (Pixl Edge)
  • Y9 Careers module
  • Y9 IAG evening and subject fair.
  • Y10 psychometric testing
  • Careers guidance interviews – individually for all Year 11and access to Y12/13

Research subject choices and careers information

  • Access to information programme eCLIPS
  • Careers section in LRC
  • Careers Insight – in Year 10/12, a morning of careers briefings from experts (June 2015)
  • Visit to Slough Careers Event in Year 9 (March 2015)
  • Workshop by ‘Three’ for Y10 regarding opportunities within the industry (June 2015)
  • Visit to Hilton Reading regarding Hospitality Industry (Y12 May 2015)

Explain the range of options and pathways open at key transition points

  • Attendance at university open days in Year 12
  • Year 12 attendance at Higher Education Fair (reading 2015)
  • Visit to local careers/UCAS convention in Year 12
  • Careers guidance interviews – as above
  • IAG and subject fair Evening in Year 9 with school careers advisor present
  • Slough Youth Service support some students with transition from Y11
  • Year 11 have assemblies to explain the Options at St. Joseph’s post 16.
  • Y11 subject fair and open evening guide students and parents post 16.
  • Post 18 Option Day for Y12 followed by an evening for parents.

Understand the skills and qualities needed to thrive in the working world

  • Career skills programs (Real Game/eClips)
  • Yr 9 Careers module
  • Carrie Coombs CV writing workshop and subsequent mock interviews for Y12
  • VI Form skills passport

Describe how the world of work is structured and changing and the requirements of employers, relating your career ideas to labour market trends

  • Make effective applications for work or future study
  • Help and support with the UCAS process
  • Y12/13 modules on personal finance and budgeting