We are currently reviewing our Careers programme for all year groups so that all students have access to guidance and support. Here are some of the things which have been on offer this year.

We have invested in the Real Game careers software which will be used by Y7 and Y8 this term. Students in Years 7 and 8 will also be completing a Careers Profile over the coming weeks which they will review on a regular basis.

Y9 have attended a Careers Fair which was held in Slough in February and were guided through the options process with an evening of Information, Advice and Guidance in March at St. Joseph’s. This evening for parents and students included a subject fair where they could visit stands and ask questions about each subject on offer. Our independent school Careers adviser was also present at this evening.

The Year 10 will be taking psychometric tests this term which will generate a report highlighting their strengths and how they link to employment. In addition to this we have purchased eCLIPS software which is available to all students to research different careers. Students will also be directed towards icould.com which is a free online careers site which is endorsed by the Association for Careers Education and Guidance. In addition to this, we are working on strengthening our relationship with businesses and hope to have a workshop run by ‘Three’ in the coming weeks to help students learn more about the world of work, their operations and discover opportunities that our increasingly digital world offers.

Y11 have had individual careers interviews with our careers adviser, Sally Stimpson and have been addressed in assembly about continuing in education. A subject fair was held for courses which we offer in the VI form and students and parents were able to speak to staff about opportunities leading on from different subjects.

In the VI form there have been visits to Universities and guest speakers in to inform students about apprenticeships. Students have been guided through the UCAS process and had modules on the World of Work. Students have had access to individual Careers interviews with our careers adviser and mock interviews and CV writing workshops are planned for this term in Y12. All year 12 students attended a Higher Education Fair in March and had access to independent careers adviser at this event. Y12 have also had the option to undertake work experience over the year.

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