Overall Aims and Objectives

Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) at St Joseph’s RC High School aims to encourage students to consider a wide range of options and opportunities and ultimately to go into courses and jobs which suit their needs, talents, skills and qualities.

Within this, they will:

  • Develop a broad understanding of the world of work and an ability to respond to changing opportunities
  • Make the best use of information, advice and guidance (IAG) and their networks of support, both independently and with guidance
  • Develop essential career skills including resilience, adaptability, enterprise, employability and self-presentation
  • Manage transitions in their lives such as the change from school to university or work
  • Raise their aspirations, broaden their horizons and counter stereotyped thinking about what they and others can do in our society


The governing body, head teacher, senior leadership team and staff are committed to:

  • Meeting our statutory careers-related responsibilities and the Investor in Careers principles of good practice in CEIAG
  • Providing resources and advice to enable students to understand and develop career choices, including securing independent and impartial careers guidance for Years 8- 13
  • Ensuring that careers education is seen as a key part of the overall curriculum and learning framework for all years, with a planned programme of CEIAG activities that meet students’ needs
  • Ensuring that careers advice provided is both independent and impartial, and is offered equally to all students regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability
  • Involving students, staff, parents and carers in the further development of careers work
  • Working with a range of external partners and organisations, including providers of careers advice and guidance and local education-business partnerships.


Careers guidance is provided in partnership with an accredited careers guidance provider and includes individual and group activities. The school encourages the development of employability skills in various aspects of school life – in other curriculum lessons, for instance, or in specific activities such as CV preparation. These skills include meeting deadlines, meeting high expectations of attendance and punctuality, adhering to a dress code, a typical working day, flexibility, thinking skills, the ability to work independently and as a team and using a wide range of different communication skills. Students are provided with opportunities to reflect on how these skills would be relevant to the world of work.

Students’ opinions are sought via the Pupil Voice and after a series of careers lessons – responses are collated and fed back to teachers concerned. Student evaluations are also carried out after individual and group careers guidance sessions. Destination measures are analysed and used to ensure that the school is providing the right advice and guidance to head students in the right directions so that they are successful.

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