British Values

At St Joseph’s, we believe that fostering, developing and preparing the children entrusted to our care to live in a mutually respectful, tolerant and harmonious society is an essential part of our students’ overall curriculum.  At the heart of our school lies the appreciation that all people are created equally and in God’s image irrespective of culture or faith perspective.  All cultures and faiths therefore deserve the same respect and opportunities in our democratic nation. Additionally through learning about key aspects of British life, our students will become aware of themes such as human rights, multiculturalism, diversity, justice and liberty, the cultures and laws that exist in the UK and the key elements of democracy and the structure of government.  St Joseph’s recognizes and acts upon its obligation to educate and act against any form of extremist behaviour and viewpoints, no matter from what faith or cultural tradition they originate.

The delivery of such topics of study are taught within the curriculum across a range of subjects. For example; RE deals with the range of main faiths, religious practices and beliefs that are in the UK today.  The core values of love, forgiveness and acceptance are taught and encouraged.  It enables them to understand the ever developing world and to have the courage and will to make a difference in peoples’ lives for the mutual wellbeing of all in society.   It entices them to understand peoples’ rights and the responsibilities they have as individuals to ensure those rights are adhered to.

History looks at the events that have shaped this country’s democratic system and English helps to formulate various skills, such as debating and creative writing.  Perhaps the most important skill that we wish our students to acquire is the ability to take action on issues that matter most to them.


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